Nowadays, every one of us turn to Google if we are looking for a service around us. Google Ads platform is a great tool to promote your business and get found on Google search pages. It enables you to target your business audience in a more specific and particular way that will bring you more customers with minimum cost. Although it is a great tool but at the same time it is very complex. It does take a lot of experience and skills to run a very successful and profitable Google Ads campaign.

At Web Proud, we have both skills and experience to run a very effective and profitable Google Ads campaigns for your business that will drag customers to your doors asking for your service or products.

What’s included.
  • Creating campaigns
  • Creating multiple ads and ad groups
  • Setting up campaign strategies based on business needs and goals
  • Daily spend monitoring and reporting
  • Setting and monitoring conversions
  • Search campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Keyword optimizations